Michael C. Kappeler

Web Design & Development

My goal is to build fast, mobile-first websites that clearly communicate with visitors.


  • Accessible websites that look great on any screen.

  • Sustainable projects that are well documented & easy to maintain.

  • Well supported CMSs and Frameworks - from custom theme & plugin development, to implementation & administration.

Let's build together

Have a project you're looking to get off the ground? I'd love to hear from you. Send a message to hello@michaelckappeler.com to get the ball rolling.

Recent Dev Projects

Example Node.js / Google Maps App

View the project on GitHub
A simple example of a Node.js app that uses the Google Maps API to create two map views, each centered over Philadelphia, PA. The points on the map are created by parsing JSON documents.

Michael James Murray's Cinematography Portfolio

Michael James Murray's website was built using roots.io (now Sage). The minimal asthetic allows his cinematography to take center stage. Work on this site has inspired me to expand on the functionality of my Vimeo Simple API Shortcode - WordPress Plugin.

Note: Some portions of MJM's site link to material outside of the WordPress theme built for the project.

Vagrant Configurations

Vagrant config for WPScan - A simple configuration for launching an Ubuntu box with WPScan installed and ready to go. WPScan is a WordPress vulnerability scanner.

Vagrant config for Omeka - A configuration for launching an Omeka development environment. Omeka is a CMS that is primarily used for "library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions".

Recent Design Projects

SVG Effects Pedals

SVG Effects Pedals

A collection of SVG effects pedals released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Mt. Billions - Icon and Merchandise

Mt. Billions Logo/Artwork

A clean design that nods at classic psychedelic rock posters of the late 60's (scroll past it a few times to see a Moiré pattern). This simple but recognizable design is being used on t-shirts, stickers, album art, pins, and more.

PudgyCat - Sticker Packs

PudgyCat - Sticker Packs

An ongoing series of illustrated cats for sticking on your laptop, car, binder, notebook or anything else that needs a pudgy cat. Available for purchase via StickerMule.